• We can’t all be Michelin-starred chefs, in fact, some of us may even struggle to boil an egg! When it comes to kitchen skills, you’ve either got them or you haven’t – although you may have them and still manage to fail every now and then.

    Sometimes, things are just going to go wrong and you’ll end up with something exploding, melting or turning into some grim looking stodge in the bottom of a pan. But don’t lose heart, you aren’t the only one!

    Have a look at these kitchen fails and you could end up feeling better about your latest cooking disaster.

  • 1. Even microwaving your food isn't as easy as you might think

  • 2. It's important to remember that heat doesn't just cook food...

  • 3. Sometimes you're not even sure how it went so wrong

  • 4. Those Pinterest recipes make everything look so simple

  • 5. Some people take healthy eating a little bit too far...

  • 6. Multi-tasking isn't always a good idea

  • 7. It's not just boiling eggs that give some people problems

  • 8. We're pretty sure your vegetables shouldn't defeat your kitchen knives

  • 9. Sometimes it isn't just the cooking that causes problems

  • 10. It's important to read every step of the recipe

  • 11. Even the simplest things can go wrong when it comes to cooking

  • 12. You might think you have a handle on a recipe, but then everything that can go wrong, does go wrong

  • 13. But if it still tastes good, even the worst kitchen fail can be a success

  • If these look familiar to you, then don’t give up just yet! Tefalphabet is our new A-Z of cooking tips, that covers everything from Happenin’ Herbs to cooking pasta Al Dente. Follow all the latest tips and you’ll be cooking better by the letter.