• Spending more time at home than ever before means it’s important to make our living spaces havens for our mental and physical health. We’ve got some nifty tricks to instantly boost your wellbeing. Read on…

  • Keep it clean

    First up, a healthy home is one that’s clean and clutter-free so follow our room-by-room hacks to keep everything ship-shape. Choose cleaning products made from plant sources to cut out chemicals that irritate or pollute and use steam to clean fabrics.

    Wondering whether your cleaning routine should differ during lockdown? Here’s what you need to know. And if you’re stumped on whether bedding needs extra washing right now, find out here.

  • Kitchen mission

    If the kitchen is the heart of the home, keep it ticking in tiptop condition. Give it a sparkling clean overhaul with our top tips. And, with kitchens now doubling as classrooms and workspaces, stay on top of the clutter by stashing books and bits in a designated cupboard or box before mealtimes.

    Comfort food taken over since lockdown? Get healthy eating habits back on track with these mouth-watering recipes and cook extra for the freezer to always have healthy meals on hand. With a few ingredient swaps, even sweet treats can be healthy!

    Growing your own fruit and veg is another boost for wellbeing. But if space is an issue or it just sounds too much like hard work, try a few potted herbs on your windowsill instead.

  • Home/work

    With working from home now the norm for many of us, it’s vital to create a space for productivity. Zone off an area, preferably with natural light, and stay organised with these brilliant small workspace ideas.

    Homeworking has loads of benefits but one of the downsides is it’s tough to switch off when the work day’s done. Stick to a routine so that work doesn’t encroach on downtime and try these other savvy tips for a healthy homework/life balance.

  • Plant power

    Want to recycle carbon dioxide, produce oxygen and remove toxic chemicals from the air? Just add plants! They can also reduce stress, fatigue and headaches, and improve mood and productivity. What’s not to like?

    From the appropriately named Peace Lily to all-round wonder plant Aloe Vera, check out the top 5 plants to have in your home.

  • Take it outside

    Tap into the soothing power of nature by creating a calming nook to unwind in after a busy day. Whether a balcony, courtyard or garden, having a spot to escape the demands of the every day will really benefit your mental health.