• There is no better way to keep the kids busy than in the kitchen! With us all spending more time at home, cooking as a family is the perfect way to get creative whilst learning new recipes and skills. We have rounded up some of our favourite recipes from Jamie Oliver to inspire you at breakfast, lunch and dinner. Simple, easy and delicious recipes which maximise store cupboard staples and nutritious ingredients … check them out!

  • Breakfast bonanza

    Use up some of the kid’s boundless morning energy and set them up for life with the skill of making perfect scrambled eggs. When they finally leave the nest in the future you can sit back and relax knowing they can at least make themselves a good breakfast…so you can give yourself and pat on the back for a job well done Buddy, Jamie’s son will show you the ropes with this tried and tested recipe.

    Low on eggs? Fret not this flavourful super toasted granola with chewy fruit recipe is perfect for using up lots of store cupboard ingredients. Full of flavour and made with lots of nutritious ingredients to maintain a balanced diet, you will feel like you are smashing life with your own homemade granola 🙌

  • Lunchtime fun time

    It’s time to roll up your sleeves and teach the kids how to make their own flatbreads! I know right… sounds super hard, but don’t worry this recipe from Jamie is a doddle and a great way to get the kids in the kitchen learning new skills.

    These tasty flatbreads will go perfectly with another store cupboard recipe… red lentil and sweet potato soup. Those lentils have been sitting at the back of your cupboard for far too long… you know who you are  It’s time to put them to use with this yummy soup recipe.

  • Dinnertime winners

    Why not put your feet up and get the kids to cook dinner?! Just kidding you will need to supervise 😉 The kids will be eager to get stuck in when they hear pizza is for dinner. And this quick grilled pizza recipe is super easy and will be great fun for the kids to choose their own toppings… (you might have to step in if they take the sprinkles out!) You won’t have to search high and low for the ingredients as this recipe utilises your everyday store cupboard ingredients.

    Spag bol is a classic… although apparently not an Italian classic! And this veggie recipe is healthy as well as tasty. Use up some of those tinned tomatoes and pull together this dinnertime winner.

    If rice is more your thing then this Veggie pilaf dish is for you! Colourful, fragrant and packed full of delicious veggies making it the perfect mid-week dinner. Who would have thought you could make this tasty dinner with such simple ingredients?!

  • Delicious desserts

    Have a couple of unloved bananas in the fruit bowl slowly going brown? Well, this banana loaf recipe is perfect to make with the children and use up those leftover bananas. The sweetness of the overripe banana is key here making this recipe perfect for ensuring nothing goes to waste.

    And if you are feeling snacky… and let’s be honest working from home is certainly conducive to snacking more frequently (#guilty) then these pistachio, apricot & dark chocolate energy bars are for you! We all have half-empty packets of nuts, seeds, and dried fruit, so now you can utilise them in this tasty snack recipe.